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    PPE Decontamination showers

    PPE Decontamination showers are a selection of decontamination showers used for the effective decontamination of PPE's. Available in DEC-V-5, DEC-D-29, DEC-V-1, DEC-V-2, DEC-V-3. These units can be easily shifted by fork lift truck and connected to the water main by using 38mm lay-flat-delivery hose.

    Premium outdoor emergency showers

    Premium outdoor emergency showers, an extensive range of Immersion Heated or Trace tape Heated models operable in all ambient conditions. These are of robust design and including integral light box and pictogram signs. Available in models like STD-MH-5K/11K, STD-H-1K, STD-MH-5K, STD-MH-6K, STD-H-2K, STD-MH 5K/11K, STD-MH-15K, STD-MH-15K/11K, STD-MH-17K.

    Temperature controlled showers

    Temperature controlled showers and shower cubicles have been developed for use in cold climates where it is necessary to maintain a tepid showering temperature or provide a warm environment for showering. STD-TC-100K/11K.

    Cubicles and Protective Frames

    Cubicles and Protective Frames have been designed for situations where an Emergency Shower needs its own floor space, particularly if space is at a premium. They protect against damage and prevent clutter around the Shower and Eyebath/Face wash and ensure accessibility in an emergency.

    Emergency safety showers

    A range of unheated emergency safety showers and eyebath/facewash models, designed for use throughout industry, in all applications not subject to the possibility of freezing or overheating, depending on local ambient conditions. All units are made of separate modules to facilitate economic packing and freight. The various units available are EXP-23G/H, EXP-18G/45G, EXP-23G/V, EXP-18G, EXP-20G, EXP-20G/45G, EXP-18G/45G-T, STD-40K.

    Self-draining emergency showers

    Self-draining emergency showers are used outdoors in tropical climates. These are fitted with self draining valves to reduce overheating by solar radiation. These are available in EXP-SD-18G/45G, EXP-SD-18G/25K, EXP-SD-20G, EXP-SD-18G, EXP-SD-20G/25K, EXP-SD-20G/45G OPTIONS.

    Laboratory range showers

    Laboratory range showers are used in laboratories and clean indoor areas where small spillages of dangerous chemicals cause hazard to employees. These safety showers are available in LAB-23GS/V, LAB-23GS/H, LAB-33GS/34G, LAB-85GS/T, STD-45G/T options.

    Economy outdoor emergency showers

    Economy outdoor emergency showers designed for use throughout industry, in all applications where there is a possibility of the water inside the shower freezing or overheating due to ambient temperatures. Available in EXP-EH-2G, EXP-EH-5G, EXP-EH-45G/P, EXP-EH-5G/10G, EXP-EH-5G/34G, EXP-EH-5G/35G, EXP-EH-5G/45G options.

    Cubicle showers

    Cubicle showers are ideal in situations where a shower needs to be totally enclosed, particularly if space is at premium or where a shower requires it s own designated area due to clutter. Also very popular where it is imperative that there is no overspray of water outside the shower area.

    Eyebath & eye/facewash equipments

    An extensive range of plumbed-in eye bath & eye/facewash units to enable continuous flushing with clean cool water complemented by portable units for use at the scene of a possible incident. STD-38G, STD-35G, STD-28G, OPTIFLEX 100, STD-75G, STD-45G, STD-H-25K/P are the eye bath & eye/facewash equipments of Hughes Safety Showers Co. UK, which Promax supplies.


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    Fendall 2000 Heated Accessory

    Fendall 2000 TM Heated Accessory by Honeywell Inc USA, is the first of its kind and offers an innovative solution to the challenges presented by workplace environments that are extremely cold or vary due to seasonal weather changes. Both the Fendall 2000 TM and Fendall Pure Flow 1000 Eyesaline cartridges are now both RFID enabled to simplify inspection, maintenance and inventory control to help support and strengthen workplace safety programs.

    Fendall 2000 sterile sealed fluid cartridge

    Fendall 2000 TM -sterile sealed fluid cartridge, Fendall Pure Flow 1000-sealed fluid cartridge with sterile option, Fendall Porta Stream II +III-refillable are the Primary Eyewash Device Options from Honeywell Inc USA.

    Fendall Porta Stream I-Refillable

    Fendall Porta Stream I-Refillable, Fendall Flash Flood-Sealed fluid cartridge are the Secondary Eyewash Devices from Honeywell Inc USA.

    Personal Eyewash Bottles

    Personal Eyewash Bottles with eyesaline personal travel bags, personal eyewash bottles, eyesaline wall stations, sterile eyewash refill cartridges, emergency eyewash accessories like Honeywell Inc USA fluid disposal cart, Honeywell Inc USA universal eyewash cleaning kit, Honeywell Inc USA waste container, Honeywell Inc USA universal bottle mounting device, Honeywell Inc USA universal eyewash stand, Honeywell Inc USA universal eyewash cart are the other products available from Honeywell.


Fall Protection

Falls from height and related risk has invariably been a real threat in the commercial domain. Promax takes pride in having been teamed with the global leaders in fall protection. We supply fall protection equipments that provide safety for people at various industries like rigs in the oil and gas industry, mining and construction industry. Workers' safety being a prime concern for most companies and a mandatory requirement to be ensured as per norms, Promax definitely has a role to play in the fall arrest and protection run-through. We offer the most efficient fall protection devices and gadgets to eliminate all possible fall hazards at competitive prices. We truly believe that promising safety adds to the confidence of workers which in turn accelerates productivity.

  • FULL BODY HARNESSOpen or Close

    Fendall 2000 TM Heated Accessory by Honeywell Inc USA, is the first of its kind and offers an innovative solution to the challenges presented by workplace environments that are extremely cold or vary due to seasonal weather changes. Both the Fendall 2000 TM and Fendall Pure Flow 1000 Eyesaline cartridges are now both RFID enabled to simplify inspection, maintenance and inventory control to help support and strengthen workplace safety programs.

    EXOFIT NEX TM Vest Style Full Body Harnesses

    These are the most universal, with multiple configurations and connection point options. They are used across a wide variety of industries. These are available in different models like EXOFIT NEX TM vest style harness 1113055, 1113070, 1113010, 1113040, 1113085, 1113100,111315.

    EXOFIT NEX TM Tower Climbing Harnesses

    Tower climbing models are built to keep workers comfortable during extended hours in harness. Tool loops are ideal for carrying equipment. The different variables available are 1113193, 1113130, 1113160.

    EXOFIT NEX TM Global Wind Energy Harnesses

    Our wind industry harnesses meet global compliance standards like ANSI, OSHA, CSA and CE. 1113218, 1113213 are the models available in this section.

    EXOFIT NEX TM Miner's Harness

    Our miner's harnesses are made with belts constructed specifically to hold equipment carried by miners. 1113199 is the model which has the most demand .

    The Second Generation Full Body Comfort Harnesses

    EXOFIT TM XP-The Second Generation Full Body Comfort Harnesses (Vest -Style Full Body Harnesses)

    Vest-style harnesses are the most universal, with multiple configurations and connection point options. They're used across a wide variety of industries. The different variants available are 1110228, 1110128, 1110103, 1109728, 1109753.

    EXOFIT TM XP Cross-over style Harnesses

    A front mounted D-ring makes the cross-over style ideal for ladder climbing and rescue applications. 1108903 and 1110353 are the models available.

    EXOFIT TM XP Construction Style Harnesses

    Made for general construction work, these harnesses have excellent tool-carrying capability, a sewn-in hip pad and removable body belt. The two models available are 1110153 and 1110178.

    EXOFIT TM XP Tower Climbing Harnesses

    A removable seat sling adds even more comfort, for those who wear them all day long. 1110303 is the model available in this type of harness.

    EXOFIT TM XP Arc Flash Harnesses

    XP arc flash harnesses are perfect for use in any industry where high voltage electricity is a concern. That's because all DBI-SALA/PROTECTA, TM arc flash equipment has been tested to perform in accordance with the stringent ASTM F887-05 Standard specification for personal climbing equipment. 1110842, 1110892, 1110852 are the types available in this section.

    EXOFIT TM Vest Style Harness

    EXOFIT TM Vest style harnesses are available in different models like 1108581, 1109358, 1108532, 1108606, 1107981. EXOFIT TM Cross over harnesses are available in two different models like 1108682, 1108706.EXOFIT TM Construction Style Harnesses, EXOFIT TM Derrick Harnesses , EXOFIT TM Wind Energy Harnesses , EXOFIT TM Tower Climbing Harness, EXOFIT TM Iron worker's harness are also available in different models.


    Delta vest-style harness are available in different models like 1102008, 1102090 and 1102000. Delta Construction Style Harnesses, Cross-over style harnesses, Delta Iron Worker's Harness, Delta Tower Climbing Harness and Delta Arc Flash Harnesses are available in different models and sizes are available.


    Sleeveless waist-length vest with harness built-in for high visibility, day or night. Meets ANSI class II requirements for high visibility vests. Delta also offers Delta Resist Webbing Harnesses, Delta Welder's Harnesses. Delta Oil and Derrick Harnesses, Delta Bosun Chair Harnesses in different models and sizes.


    Lineman's Belts and Tongue Buckle Belts are available in different models an sizes. Harness Accessories like Suspension Trauma Safety Straps and Harness Hydration Systems, Offshore life jackets are also available .


    Lanyards without shock absorbers such as rope or web lanyards and chain rebar assemblies, are designed for positioning or restraint applications. Web Positioning lanyards, Chain & Web Rebar positioning lanyards, rope positioning lanyards are also available.

    TRAM TM fall protection systems

    TRAM TM fall protection systems are also available with us which provides safety and access for workers on the top of all types of road tankers, ISO tanks and static tanks for various industrial , mining, defense and transportation industries. TRAM TM mobiles, TRAM TM fixed, ISO container TRAM TM are our another diverse range of horizontal systems. TRAM also provides harnesses for varied uses at different sizes.


    Our anchorage connectors are tested to meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI standards. We offer the most complete line of anchorage connectors available today. Most of our anchors are equipped with isafe TM We provide different types of anchorages based on different criteria like, depending on what they are connected to, fixed or mobile and permanent or portable. General(all-purpose anchors), anchorages for steel, roofs, concrete and other specialties for specific purposes. General Anchorage systems, Concrete anchorage connectors, roof anchorage connectors and specialty anchorage connectors are available in different models along with fall protection kits.


    Each custom solution is driven by our customer's needs and is dependent on the industry, environment and specific design constraints, including government standards. FLEXIGUARD TM A-FRAME Fall Arrest System(FAS), FLEXIGUARD TM Boxed-Frame Rail Fall Arrest System(FAS), FLEXIGUARD TM C-Frame Rail FAS, FLEXIGUARD TM Counterweight Rail FAS, FLEXIGUARD TM Custom Rail FAS and FLEXIGUARD TM Ladder FAS are the various types of custom access solutions which are durable, portable, flexible which ensures safety and reliability wherever and whenever you need it. Custom solutions are also available to meet your specific requirements.


    Our rescue an descent systems are the most safe and effective systems which meet appliable industry standards. Rollgliss TM R500 rescue and descent device, Rollgliss TM R350 rescue systems, Rollgliss descender, Rescumatic TM automatic descent controller, RollglissTM self rescue device, fisk descender, Rollgliss TM R250 rescue kit, rollgliss rescue ladders, rollgliss rescue ladder anchor, tension limiter are a few of the various products we offer under the rescue and descent section.

  • Hand Protection / Eye Protection / Special Protective GarmentsOpen or Close

    Promax has joined hands with MCR SAFETY who are committed in protecting people from workplace hazards. We supply MCR Safety's globally known safety gears marketed as MCR Safety, Memphis Glove, Crews Glasses and River City Garments.


    Our safety gloves has different variations. Force flex Multipurpose Hi-Vis gloves, cut protection, impact protection in different models and sizes, Memphis multi-task gloves, luminators, fasguard, ninja multipurpose gloves, ninja wave/coral, ninja cut protection, thermal protection, flex tuff, Memphis muti-purpose gloves and a lot more variety gloves are available with us at Promax. We also provide Alycore glove which is one of the most cut and puncture resistant gloves which are also available in different models and sizes. Dyneema Cut Protection gloves, Dupont Kevlar Cut Protection gloves, Kevlar sleeves are also available. Steelcore II/Survivor cut protection, ultra tech cut protection, string knits(cotton/polyester), dotted knits, coated knits, cotton gloves, Big Jake Gunn Pattern, Big Jake /Sidekick gunn pattern, different gunn patterns like insulated gun patterns, drivers, insulated drivers, Memphis welding gloves, mig/tig welders, high heat welders, nitrile disposables, latex disposables, vinyl/polyethylene disposables, nitrichem unsupported gloves, latex unsupported, pvc supported, foam lined supported, vinyl supported, natural rubber supported, neoprene supported, nitrile supported and nitrile/glove accessories are a few of the large variety of safety gloves and accessories available with us.


    The most advanced performance glasses and goggles from CREWS glasses are available with us. These are patented styles which meets the ANSI Z87+ standards. We supply Crew's wide variety of glasses, magnifiers, goggles, face shields, headgear & face shield combo packs and a variety of its accessories.


    River City Garments is another MCR safety brand which offers hi-vis garments, luminator rainwears, raincoats, aprons, sleeves, Memphis welding apparels, Limited flammability garments, hi-vis vests and garments, general purpose safety vests, hi-viz garments public safety vests, incident command vests and boots and a lot more.


    MCR Safety guarantees the flame resistant properties for their lifetime subject to proper laundering, care and use. All Max Comfort gear is guaranteed to be free from defects of material and workmanship.


  • Head ProtectionOpen or Close

    CENTURION is our principal partner in head, face and hearing protection .Concept safety helmet are protectors designed to take the weight off your shoulders. Unique crown and rear ventilation system. Varied models are available like Linesman, Roofer, Miner etc. Linesman brand offers reduced peak helmet with four point security head harness with quick release buckle which are ideal for working at heights. Roofer brand has a push and turn premium ratchet headband for easy and quick adjustment with ventilation and reduced/full peak. Mine brand has full peak helmet complete with lamp bracket and cable clip. Reflex safety helmet has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of both Construction and Industrial needs with safety and comfort in mind. One helmet for both summer and winter and which are available in two tones which offers optimum wearer comfort. 1125TM is a well balanced helmet with a terylene cradle and standard sweatband and 1100TM are safety helmets with standard sweatband and 6point plastic cradle. We also have cold weather hood systems, high temperature accessories, ,general purpose face screens, eye protection shields, retractable eye shields, welding shields, Baltic ear defenders, Bump caps etc.


  • Ear ProtectionOpen or Close

    We have associated with Howard Leight in the ear protection segment. Howard Leight is focused in hearing conservation rather than supplying employees with ear plug or ear muffs that block the most noise. You'll find all howard leight hearing protection products indexed in ways that help u find the solution you need your way.


  • RespiratorOpen or Close

    Promax has also joined with leading manufacturer of respiratory protection products,and we have been protecting workers against respiratory hazards in many different environments around the world for over 100 years. We offer one of the most integrated respiratory protection product lines available, from disposable filtering air purifying respirators, reusable half mask and full facepiece respirators (APR), supplied air respirators (SAR), powered air purifying respirators (PAPR), escape breathing apparatus (EBA), self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), to Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) respiratory protection products. We have a respiratory solution for many applications and uses and all our products meet or exceed strict industry standards, such as NIOSH and/or NFPA.


  • Powered RespiratorOpen or Close

    CleanSpace2™ - a major innovation in personal respiratory protection

    A compact and light weight powered respirator that is cushioned around the back of the neck, counter-balancing the soft silicone low profile mask and providing fresh, clean air, on demand as you breathe. This unique method of personal respiratory protection delivers significant benefits to workers in industry.


  • Flame Resistant ClothingOpen or Close

    KERMEL is the leading European manufacturer of meta-aramid fibers used in protective clothing against heat and flames. We supply all Kermel PPE 's which stands out because of its specific and safety features like non-flammability, good thermal insulator, mechanical strength thermo stability and resistance to chemicals, shrink resistance, extreme comfort, permanent colour and high durability. Kermel fibres do not melt nor burn when exposed to high temperatures.Promax deals with Centurion products which are the major players in head, face and hearing protection worldwide. Helmets for general use in industry to provide protection to the wearer against falling objects and consequential brain injury and/or skull fracture. Bump caps provide protection to the wearer against the effects of striking head/scalp against hard or sharp stationary objects.

  • Chemical Resistant ClothingOpen or Close

    Promax has also partnered with Alpha Solway Limited, manufacturers of Personal Protective Equipments(PPE's) such as disposable respirators & protective clothing, able to supply the off-shelf products as well as bespoke items to client's specifications. Alpha Solway Ltd is BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accredited & a member of the British Safety Industry Federation(BSIF) & Personal Safety Manufacturers Association(PSMA). Reusable clothing, disposable clothing, thermal clothing products and respiratory products are their major products.

  • Wind SocksOpen or Close

    Promax has joined hands with Safety Flag Co. of America in the supply of windsocks. These windsocks are made in fluorescent orange, vinyl laminated fabric, which are highly visible and durable.

    International Orange, Nylon, Urethane coated, 400 denier material is available in 10''size, #WS/N. Windsocks are used at airports, industrial sites and environmental applications such as oil fields and pipeline sites. Windsock mounting frame is sold separately.

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