To The Top!

We have dealings with established safety companies like

  • HUGHES Safety Showers Ltd. (UK)
  • HONEYWELL Inc. (USA, Europe)
  • MCR Safety (USA) [Memphis Gloves, Crews Glasses, Max Comfort FR, Rivercity Garments]
  • Centurion Safety Products Ltd. (UK)
  • PAFtec Cleanspace (Australia)
  • Kermel (France)

In the Oil & Gas industry, Promax provides safety equipment, along with its installation, commissioning, and repair and training needs of its clients.

We deal in

  • Supply Chain Management (Supplying & Warehousing)
  • Turnkey Safety Supplier
  • Service Center
  • Oil & Gas projects consumables procurement

Our product lines include

  • Temperature controlled Safety Showers and Eye Wash / Portable Eye Wash Equipment
  • Fall Protection and Rescue Equipment
  • Lifelines
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Promax endeavors to remain the destination of choice for all your safety needs and seeks to provide a fully integrated safety solution.